At Hervey Bay Physio we stock and supply a great range of braces, supports and exercises equipment to help you manage your pain and keep you moving. We stock braces and supports from brands such as Futuro, Rehband, De Royal, Oppo and LP and AOK.


Our physiotherapists can supply and custom mould orthotics for those with pronation (in-turning of feet) and many other heel and foot conditions.

General Aids

We also stock and supply TENS machines, TENS electrodes, ultrasound gel, tapes (such as Spider Tech Sports Tape), Massage and pain relief creams (such as Flexall and Premax Sports Creams), Postural and Contoured Pillows and much more.


Lymphoedema bandages and compression garments can be measured and supplied for both off the shelf and custom made. Dwayne Kempster is a Certified Lymphoedema Therapist and can measure for both leg stockings and arm sleeves. We source our garments from suppliers such as Jobst, Sigvaris, Venosan and Lymphediva’s.

Compression Stockings             lymphedivas-darling-fair-compression-arm-sleeve-20-30-mmhg-w-diva-diamond-band-dd2          lymphedivas-bei-chic-compression-arm-sleeve-30-40-mmhg-fcd


Pilates Equipment

Our clinic utilises Pilates Equipment from Dance Medicine Australia and can supply such equipment for home use as well.


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Best Price

We use a variety of suppliers for all our products to try to provide the best braces and supports at the best price.